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About Us

We are a Technology Company offering innovative, opportune, efficient solutions to the challenges faced by our clients in the development of their businesses in different industries.

We encourage and accompany in the Digital Transformation process. We are prepared to create superior experiences, to transform, to “make things happen”.

Above all we believe in people. In their integral development and the talent they represent. At Ecin Soluciones, we believe strongly in talent. We are a company made up of good people.



Digital Agriculture

We provide Value Solutions that solve complex technological challenges throughout the entire agricultural supply chain. Our solutions allow farmers to assign scarce resources to produce a safe and reliable food supply in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner. Covering all stages, crops, land, and field sizes.
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Servicios informáticos

IT Infrastructure & Communications

We provide reliable end-to-end infrastructure to guide in the Digital Transformation process. Ecin Soluciones has extensive experience in advanced technologies and solutions that align with the challenges faced by organizations in the era of REVOLUTION 4.0.
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Servicios Agropecuarios

Electronic Security

We provide Integrated Smart Security Solutions to improve the protection of people, infrastructure, and goods. The transformation of security processes requires a Zero Trust approach that allows for security to be raised to the highest levels. Bringing Zero Trust from concept to reality requires an architecture designed to grow with your business and that can be adjusted to be resilient.
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Digital Agriculture Technical Team
Trimble Spot Spray Equipment - WeedSeeker 2
Corporate Wi-Fi Network
Network Redesign
Dahua Video Surveillance System

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